My work is inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

My name is Jem Klein and I am a craftsman whose home is in the beautiful South Toe River Valley of Western North Carolina. It is a passion of mine to go out in the woods with my two sons often tagging along. We find prize burls, collect dead tree limbs, find wild bamboo patches and spot spalted wonders. The forest treasures make their way back to my workshop and take their own expressive form.

I have a deep respect and appreciation for nature and am always observing my own role therein. My unique jewelry, home decor creations, sculptural forms, and flutes are inspired by the beauty of the natural world and are sold in galleries and shops throughout the USA as well as on Etsy.

All the wood I use is sustainably harvested with respect & appreciation for the health of the forest. I do not use imported or rainforest derived wood. 

All my work is cut, sanded and polished by my hands. I do not own or hire out a laser cutter.

When I'm not in the woods or in the workshop you can find me working on our small medicinal herb farm ( ) or fishing on the river near my home.

You can find me on social media at:



You can currently find my work at the following galleries and shops:
One of a Kind Art Gallery, Micaville, NC
Woolworth Walk Gallery, Asheville, NC
Grovewood Gallery, Asheville, NC
Foundation Woodworks, Asheville, NC
NC Arboretum Gift Shop, Asheville, NC
North Carolina Crafts Gallery, Carrboro, NC
Re-Evolution Gallery, Willits, CA
Lark in the Morning, Berkley, CA

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