Jewelry & Barrettes

My handcrafted wooden jewelry and hair barrettes start with a walk in the forest.
I sustainably gather wood with great respect for the health of the forest habitat.  
The harvested wood makes its way back to my workshop where I patiently wait for it to dry.
Once the wood is dry, I sculpt, sand, and polish each unique piece by hand.
My barrettes are all signed and the wood it is crafted from is indicated.
I make sterling silver hardware for the earrings and necklaces.
All my work is oiled with a custom blend I make of citrus and tung oil.
I use only ethically harvested or reclaimed wood in my craft.
I DO NOT use rainforest derived exotic woods.
My nature inspired barrettes, earrings and necklaces are currently exclusively sold at
and will soon be available here! 
They are a perfect gift for your boho fashionista, nature lover, or long haired lady in your life.