1.8 Shakuhachi Flute, Key of D Professional root end model

Regular price $1,750.00

This Madake bamboo Shakuhachi Flute with nice color, root rings and character was harvested and cured in the southeastern US. Exceptional player! Tozan utaguchi inlay for nice esthetics.

As with all my cast interior shakuhachi, each note has a full range from bright, strong resonance tapering all the way into silence with excellent tonal stability. 

Features reinforced inlaid rattan bindings to prevent cracking and add elegance. Bindings are inlaid into the bamboo to be flush with the surface.

Measures 21-3/4" long and 1.3" in diameter a little below the mouthpiece. Weighs 13.4 oz.

Each Professional Cast Interior Shakuhachi comes with a traditional type cotton cleaning cloth (tsuyutoshi) with string and steel weight for cleaning moisture from the bore, a 1 ounce bottle of pure walnut flute oil for the flute's exterior and care instructions.

A beginner guide to playing shakuhachi by Jon Kypros is available free of charge if requested at the time of ordering this flute.

About Professional Cast Interior Shakuhachi flutes:

These are my highest quality Jiari-type Shakuhachi Flutes. Excellent tone with precise pitch tuning Advanced Shakuhachi flutes. Tuned to concert pitch – A440 @ 68°F room temperature.

Featuring a unique Cast Interior system. These are excellent quality Jiari-type root end bamboo shakuhachi with a durable, non-toxic, mineral-based bore material.

Intended for professional players, though any level of player can do well with these shakuhachi.

Precision crafted acrylic utaguchi inlay on the blowing edge for long-term performance. Inlay features an outline of tarnish-resistant argentium sterling silver for elegance.

Non-toxic lacquer on the inside for beauty and durability.

Outside is finished with pure, premium natural Tung oil for increased bamboo stability.

Made by Jem Klein in the Appalachian Mountains of NC!

**** Shakuhachi flutes that have bindings at the time of purchase are guaranteed for life against cracking through to the bore (inside). Returned instruments will be repaired or replaced at no extra charge. This guarantee is extended to the original owner of the instrument only. It does not apply to minor cracks on the surface of the bamboo, nor to flutes that have been mishandled, neglected or otherwise abused.